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Clackamas Fire TrainingThe Training Division is staffed by five staff members that coordinate, facilitate and/or conduct a wide variety of training for fire district personnel. The wide variety of training includes skills practice and skills enhancement in emergency medical techniques, swift water rescue, rope rescue, structural and wildland firefighting, hazardous materials incident response, collapse rescue and other emergency response related skills practice.

Training is conducted through the production of short courses that are developed for specific skill areas. Most of the training includes hands on skills practice at the District Training Center on SE 130th or is conducted in the fire stations by the firefighters. Firefighters also attend district sponsored training courses and conferences held throughout the western states.

The Training Division's goal is to provide realistic, accurate, relevant and continual training that builds and enhances skills for the district's 170 personnel. The Training Division partners with area fire departments, fire districts and law enforcement agencies to conduct joint training exercises that foster cooperation amongst agencies. This leads to more cohesive operations at the scene of incidents in which multiple agencies are involved.

To plan, prepare and provide emergency service personnel with exceptional knowledge and skills as a regional leader in safe and progressive training.

Training is also conducted at the Training Center for the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). CERT consists of citizens within the Fire District that have taken their own time to learn the skills to be first responders to help their neighbors when a disaster strikes. Our Training Center also hosts some of our local businesses for fire estinguisher and first aid training.

A partnership with the Sabin-Schellenberg Center has created an opportunity for eleventh and twelfth grade students to select a basic firefighting course as a credit elective course. This course is designed for the students to get a sense of the skills, knowledge and abilities required of firefighters.

Clackamas Fire TrainingThe Training Center hosts courses each year that are sponsored by the district or by the regional training associations. These courses cover some of the many technical and tactical aspects required of firefighters in the 21st Century.

The Training Division's Staff strives to provide an atmosphere in which our firefighters can develop, maintain and enhance their skills in the many disciplines required of firefighters.

  • Values
    Deeply woven within Clackamas Fire District #1's core values are the beliefs of excellent training and education.  Throughout the district's strategic plan, mission statement, and organizational values, is the foundation of providing to the public the highest trained emergency personnel available.  The Training Division is responsible for the coordination and administering of all of the departments training.
  • Full Service

    • Fire
      The Training Division is responsible for providing continuous fire training to over 175 firefighters.

      • Academy (12 weeks, 500 hours)
      • FF1 (62 hours. Annually to maintain)
      • FF2 (62 hours. Annually to maintain)

    • EMS
      The Training Division is responsible for providing continuous training and education for 96 Oregon State Paramedics, 33 Intermediates and 55 Basics.

      • Paramedic (24 hours. Biannually for recertification)
      • Intermediate (14 hours. Biannually for recertification)
      • Basic (25 hours. Biannually for recertification)
      • First Responder (16 hours. Biannually for recertification)

  • Calendars

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