Daily Backyard Burn Status: Backyard Burning Season Closed until October 1st!

  1. Click the link below to be taken to the ODF/DEQ website that lists today’s info and burning hours.

Note: Be sure to reference the “backyard burning” hours which are listed second, and not the “agricultural” hours which are listed first.

Outdoor Burning Information

2. Find out if your property is outside of the DEQ burn ban area, click here.

3. Call the Daily Burn Info Hotline: 503-632-0211

Regular Burning Seasons:

  • March 1st – June 15th
  • October 1st – December 15th

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

  • DEQ is responsible for establishing and enforcing the regulations pursuant to open burning and air quality. If you wish to report an illegal burn, smoke, or air quality issue call DEQ at 888-997-7888 or file an online complaint.
  • Clackamas Fire District #1 responds to fires that are a threat to people and property. If a fire is threatening nearby structures, vegetation, or other combustible materials, call 911 immediately.
  • DEQ Burning Complaints Hotline: 888-997-7888 (website)
Outdoor Burning Rules
  • When outdoor burning is authorized you must be OUTSIDE of the burn ban boundary.
    You can click here to view the burn ban area map.
  • All Clackamas Fire District #1 Open Burning Rules shall be consistent with Oregon Law and the Oregon Fire Code.
  • All unlawful fires within the boundaries of Clackamas Fire District #1 may be subject to cost recovery fees, DEQ referral, and Oregon Department of Forestry citation processes when appropriate.
  • Open Burning Rules will be posted on the Fire District’s public web site and be available in print.
  • Open Burning Rules shall include clear, concise, and user-friendly definitions that are compliant with the Oregon Plain Language Act (ORS 183.750).
  • Unlawful outdoor fires during a declared District-wide high community fire danger burn ban are deemed a hazard to public safety and will result in a Fire District response, extinguishment, and invoicing of cost recovery fees for Fire District actions taken.
  • Outdoor fires resulting in smoke impairing the visibility of a public roadway have been deemed a hazard to public safety and will result in a Fire District response, extinguishment, and consideration for cost recovery fees for Fire District actions taken.
  • Outdoor fires resulting in smokecausing respiratory illness, which requires emergency medical ambulance transportation, are deemed a hazard to public safety and will include a Fire District response, extinguishment at the fire official’s discretion, and consideration of cost recovery fees for Fire District actions taken.
  • Unless an open burning complaint has been deemed a hazard to public safety, it represents a low priority service call and thus will not take priority over emergency response or emergency response readiness.
  • Open Burning complaints shall be submitted by members of the public by calling 503-742-2660 (CFD#1 Fire Prevention M-F) or 503-655-8211 (C-Com Dispatch non-emergency line) and will be sorted and prioritized to determine the appropriate level of response.
  • Industrial and Commercial Open Burning is prohibited within all of Clackamas County.
  • Construction Waste and Demolition Open Burning are only allowed outside of the special open burning control areas (3 & 6 mile rules).
  • Slash Burning is allowed with a valid permit issued by Oregon Department of Forestry under the Smoke Management Program. Small amounts of forestland debris not resulting from active logging or thinning may be burned under the Back Yard Burning rules but only during the Back Yard Burning seasons. This does not include material resulting from land clearing activities.
  • Field Burning is regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
Burning in violation of the Open Burning Rules and Guidelines is both an Oregon Fire Code violation and a violation of DEQ Air Pollution Regulations. Failure to comply with the Oregon Fire Code is a misdemeanor under ORS 478.960 and 478.990(2). Violation of air pollution regulations may result in a fine of up to $10,000 per day from DEQ.

Any open fire must be extinguished by the responsible party when so ordered by any officer of a police or fire department if it is determined that the smoke emissions are offensive to occupants or surrounding property, or if burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition or appears to endanger the property or persons of others. The person responsible for any fire can be held liable for damages to other persons or other person’s property as a result of their fire. The fire district may also charge for costs to respond and extinguish any fire not permitted under these rules (minimum fee of $125.00 per violation).