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Operation SantaThe sleigh bells from Operation Santa Claus have been ringing for the citizens of Clackamas Fire District #1 since 1974.

Firefighters recognized the need to provide toys and food baskets to families and individuals that were less fortunate, and not likely to experience the joys of the holiday season. Hence, Operation Santa Claus was formed.

Operation Santa Claus Is 100% Funded By Donations From Members Of The Community

During this month-long holiday toy and food drive, fire district volunteers and employees lead Santa’s fire engine parade down neighborhood streets (check below to see when the parade will be in your neighborhood) to collect toys and non-perishable food items, which are used to fill hundreds of food baskets for needy families. Donated new toys bring a little extra Christmas cheer to children. Donated funds are used to purchase perishable items for food baskets, and help to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Operation Santa does not solicit funds over the phone.

Operation Santa ClausHow Can I Help?

  • The Giving Tree
    The Giving Tree is a partnership between Clackamas Town Center and Clackamas Fire District #1 and is displayed at Clackamas Town Center between Thanksgiving and Christmas. To participate, visit the Giving Tree and select a giving card. The card will identify the child's or families name and age. Purchase the requested gift or gifts and return it to the Giving Tree prior to December 15th, 2013.
  • Food Collection Barrels
    Collection Barrels for non-perishable foods are located throughout all Clackamas Fire District #1 community fire stations as well as other local businesses. Click HERE for a list.
  • The Parade
    Each year throughout the holiday season, fire district personnel lead Santa's Fire Engine parade down neighborhood streets (check below to see when the parade will be in your neighborhood) to collect non-perishable foods and new, unwrapped toys. For recorded parade information call 503-742-2941.
  • Community Fire Stations
    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Clackamas Fire District #1 community fire stations accept non-perishable foods and new, unwrapped toys. Fire station addresses are available by clicking HERE.
  • Financial Donations
    The Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation is a private non-profit organization associated with Clackamas Fire District #1. The Foundation is a tax-exempt organization formed under IRC 501 (C)(3). It is these donations that allow the fire district to fill the voids in assuring a balanced and respectable holiday gift basket. To donate, please fill out the appropriate information in the Operation Santa Brochure.

How Are Families Selected?

Operation Santa does NOT accept requests for assistance directly, via telephone, message, or community fire station personnel. Operation Santa receives names of recipients exclusively from Compassion In Action/Clackamas County. CIACC serves as a coordinating agency for many Clackamas County holiday drives to assure the most people can be served. Applications can be picked up at any local DHS, social service, or housing authority office.

Parade Dates (2013)

November 29 Friday 6pm–9pm Redland Click Here
November 30 Saturday 6pm–9pm Beavercreek Click Here
December 01 Sunday 6pm–9pm Holcomb/Hilltop Click Here
December 03 Tuesday 6pm–9pm Boring  
December 04 Wednesday 6pm–9pm Oregon City Click Here
December 06 Friday 6pm–9pm Clackamas Click Here
December 07 Saturday 6pm–9pm Oak Grove Click Here
December 08 Sunday 6pm–9pm Milwaukie Click Here
December 11 Wednesday 6pm–9pm Milwaukie Click Here
December 12 Thursday 6pm–9pm Anderegg Pkwy, Orchard
Lake & Wind Swept Waters
Click Here
December 13 Friday 6pm–9pm Happy Valley Click Here
December 14 Saturday 6pm–9pm Happy Valley Click Here
December 15 Sunday 6pm–9pm Town Center Click Here
December 16 Monday 6pm–9pm 232nd/Ondo Rivera  
December 18 Wednesday 6pm–9pm Westwood Click Here
Call 503-742-2941 for the latest parade updates
Call 503-742-2940 to leave a message for Operation Santa Claus

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