Donate My House For Training

Donate My HouseAre you planning to demolish a structure like your house? We might be able to help!

Clackamas Fire District #1 frequently uses residential and commercial structures for destructive training. We burn structures in their entirety or conduct exercises that include breaking down doors and cutting holes into roofs and walls. This type of training is invaluable to your local firefighters and can not be replicated on the training ground.

Burning a structure can significantly reduce the amount of demolition debris needing to be removed from the site. You may also be eligible for a tax benefit, which is dependent on your specific situation and should be verified with your tax specialist.

What is Destructive Training?

“Destructive Training” encompasses all training activities that harm a building. While the Fire District has a training facility, nothing compares to the “real world” and our firefighters appreciate the opportunity to hone their skills on actual buildings. We either burn the entire structure or cut vent holes into roofs, practice breaching doors and windows and break walls and floors to search for fire.

How Do I Qualify?

Donate My HouseA multitude of structures can be used for destructive training, including single family residences, apartment buildings, commercial structures or gathering spaces such as churches. All structures must be cleared of bio-hazards, be tested and confirmed to not contain asbestos and should be structurally sound. Whether a structure can be burned depends on a multitude of factors such as location, slope, accessibility with large vehicles and weather. We do not burn structures in the summer when the countywide burn ban is in effect.

What Do I Have To Do?

Once you have decided to donate your building, you can start the process:

  • Call the Training Division at 503-742-2680
  • Once contacted, we will go and look at the structure to see if it meets our needs. This is done at no cost to you. If it meets our needs, we will send you our packet of requirements for you to complete.
  • Complete the packet and return it to the Training Division to begin the planning. We will not begin any planning until the packet has been completed and returned.
  • From the time we receive the packet to the time we can burn/demolish the building is around 30 days. We cannot do any burning during fire season which generally runs June to October.
  • If your property is chosen to be burned, you will be asked to provide a light lunch for the approximately 30 firefighters participating in the exercise and you will need to establish a fire-watch at your property for 24 hours after the event. You can do this yourself or you may hire someone.

For more information please call our Training Division at 503-742-2680.