ISO Insurance Rating

The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) provides a rating system for public protection classifications. This system, through analysis of all aspects of the Fire District and water supply, determines a fire districts ability to respond to fires and thus is used by many insurance companies to determine the risk and premiums associated with these risks from fire.

Clackamas Fire District #1 was re-evaluated in 2004 and was given an ISO Class 3 rating within 5 road miles of a fire station. As all residences are thought to be within a 5 mile travel distance of a fire station, residences within Clackamas Fire District #1’s response area carry an ISO Class 3 rating.

This Class 3 rating applies to all areas currently served by Clackamas Fire District #1 including; the cites of Milwaukie, Oregon City, Happy Valley, and Johnson City, and the un-incorporated areas of Clackamas, Oak Lodge, Redland, Beavercreek, Carver, Clarkes, and Highland.

The areas recently annexed into Clackamas Fire District #1 that were formerly served by Boring Fire, have a split ISO rating of a Class 3 / Class 5. The areas that are served with fire hydrants are a Class 3. The remaining areas without fire hydrants are a Class 5. The entire Fire District will be going through a re-rerating in 2017.

This Class 3 rating applies to the hydranted areas in the communities of Damascus and Boring. The Class 5 rating applies to the remaining areas to include portions of Damascus and Boring and the areas of Barton and Eagle Creek.

The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) is a technical manual used by ISO in reviewing the fire-fighting capabilities of individual communities. The schedule measures the major elements of a community’s fire-suppression system and develops a numerical grading called a Public Protection Classification (PPCTM).

For more information on ISO’s public-protection ratings, read ISO’s PPC Program: Helping to Build Effective Fire-Protection Services.

For more information on the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, call ISO Customer Service at 1-800-888-4476 or your local ISO representative.