Cost Recovery

In January 2018, the Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 18-01. This ordinance adopts cost-based fees and rates for Fire District provided services. The Board of Directors has determined that it is fair, reasonable, and appropriate to collect the costs of providing certain services and limited such fees to cost recovery only and prohibits the generation of revenue from such fees.

The following are brief descriptions of the fees established and adopted by the Board of Directors. These descriptions are not intended to be the full text or explain all detail of the ordinance. The full text of the ordinance is available at the bottom of the page.

Alarms: Fees may be imposed for repetitive false (nuisance) responses to fire and medical alarms. No cost recovery fee shall be imposed for the first false fire alarm or medical response to any occupancy during a calendar year. Cancelled en route false alarms are billable events.

Open Burning: Fees may be imposed for repeated, egregious, purposeful, or any violation during high and extreme fire danger.

Transportation Route Response: Fees may be imposed for responses on certain transportation routes against which no taxes or assessments for fire protection are levied by the District.

Unprotected or Inadequately Protected Area Response: Fees may be imposed for responses to incidents in unprotected or inadequately protected areas outside of District boundaries.

Ambulance Transport Fee: Fees may be imposed if the District transports a patient to an emergency room or helicopter landing zone using a District ambulance, it may invoice the patient and/or the patient’s insurance using the contracted ambulance transportation billing agent.

Non-Emergency Facility Response: Fees may be imposed for certain non-emergency requests for assistance from assisted living, residential care, or nursing facilities. Cancelled en route requests are considered billable events.

Fire Code Inspection and Enforcement Fees: Fees may be imposed for fire and life safety occupancy inspections, re-inspections, other documented actual costs of enforcing the fire code. May include the costs to obtain inspection warrants.

Public Records Request: Fees may be imposed for records request for public documents. The District will not impose a fee for public records requests for incident reports from residents or patients if the work entails less than one-quarter hour of staff time and the documents pertain to or involve the requester.

Facility Rental and Training Classes: Fees may be imposed for training facility rentals or training classes.

Hazardous Materials Response: Fees may be imposed for response to hazardous materials incidents and remediation. Fees may be imposed regardless of a State hazardous Materials Team response.

Utility Assistance: Fees may be imposed for responses to requests from utilities for assistance (e.g., wires down, gas leaks, water main leaks).

Technical Rescue: Fees may be imposed for responses requiring technical or specialty rescue equipment or training.

For more detailed descriptions of the fees or for more information, click here for Ordinance 18-01.