Radio Replacement Project

In May 2016, 71 percent of voters approved the Clackamas County Emergency Radio Replacement bond (Measure 3-476) to ensure fast and effective emergency response. To date, the bond projects are all on budget. Clackamas County’s emergency radio system is managed by the Clackamas 800 Radio Group (C800), which owns and operates a voice and data communications system to benefit public safety providers. The communications system is made up of base radio equipment, towers, buildings, first responder radios, fire station alerting systems, and other technology.

Project List

  • Add 14 additional tower sites – improve county-wide signal strength
  • Replace analog radios for more reliable performance
  • Seismic upgrades on existing towers
  • Application to allow Smart phone access to the system

Projects Underway

  • Barton (Carver) – Land use submittal anticipate approval by early October, project bid was Aug. 7, 2018.
  • Cooks Butte/Kerr Parkway Water Tank – Awaiting approved lease from City of Kerr Parkway. Design completed for Cooks and anticipate land use submittal for Kerr Parkway in late Oct. after receipt of lease.
  • Crutcher Bench (BLM) – Project bid was Aug. 7, construction will begin when bridge repaired, estimated mid-Oct.
  • Highland Butte (BLM) – Project bid was Aug. 7, construction will begin by Oct. 1, 2018.
  • Memaloose (USFS) – NEPA work underway, awaiting USFS review.
  • Oak Grove Butte (USFS) – NEPA work underway, awaiting USFS review.
  • Tom Dick and Harry (USFS) – NEPA work underway, awaiting USFS review.
  • Whale Head (USFS) – NEPA work underway, awaiting USFS review.
  • Wilsonville – No success in gaining an easement access and researching a new site.

Completed Projects

Existing Site Design

Mt. Scott, Mt. View, Pete’s building, Polivka, Redland, and View Acres sites are completed. Tower upgrades were anticipated to be completed by Oct. 1, 2018. The remaining seven sites are under design.

For additional information and updates on C800, visit their website at: